• The function and types of oil cooler.

    The function and types of oil cooler.

    As we know a lot of improvements have been made to engines, the efficiency of engines is still not high in the process of converting chemical energy into mechanical energy. Most of the energy in gasoline (about 70%) is converted into heat, and dissipating this heat is the task of the car’s ...
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  • Fuel Filter Replacement

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    What will happen if the fuel filter is not replaced for a long time? When driving the car, consumables must be regularly maintained and updated. Among them, a very important category of consumables is fuel filters. Since the fuel filter has a longer service life than the...
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  • Brake Hose

    Brake Hose

    1.Does the brake hose have a regular replacement time? There is no fixed replacement cycle for the brake oil hose (brake fluid pipe) of a car, which depends on the usage. This can be checked and maintained in the daily inspection and maintenance of the vehicle. The brake...
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