• The introduction of the forged short hose end.

    The introduction of the forged short hose end.

    For the forged short hose end,there are 5 different size you can choose, as the bellow pic show: For AN8, the material is Aluminum, item size is 0.16 x 2.7 x 2.2 inches (LxWxH) The type is elbow and Weld,and the item weight is 0.16 Pou...
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  • How Does a Motorcycle Brake?

    How do motorcycle brakes work? It’s actually pretty simple! When you press the brake lever on your motorcycle, fluid from the master cylinder is forced into the caliper pistons. This pushes the pads against the rotors (or discs), causing friction. The friction then slows...
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  • Teflon Vs PTFE… What Really Are The Differences?

    What is PTFE? Let’s begin our exploration of Teflon vs PTFE with a closer inspection of what PTFE actually is. To give it it’s full title, polytetrafluoroethylene is a synthetic polymer consisting of two simple elements; carbon and fluorine. It...
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  • Why We Need Oil Catch Can?

    An oil catch tank or oil catch can is a device that is fitted into the cam/crankcase ventilation system on a car. Installing an oil catch tank (can) aims to reduce the amount of oil vapors re-circulated into the intake of the engine. Positive crankcase ventilation During...
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  • Important Factors To Consider When Buying An Oil Catch Can 

    As you can see, there are many oil catch cans available on the market and some products are better than others. Before purchasing an oil catch can, here are some important factors to take into consideration: Size When selecting the correct size oil catch can for your car...
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  • The Advantages of Oil Coolers

    The Advantages of Oil Coolers

    An oil cooler is a small radiator that can be placed in front of an automobiles cooling system. It aids in lowering the temperature of oil that passes through. This cooler only works while the motor is running and can even be applied to high stress transmission oil. If y...
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  • Auto Parts Industry Features and Development

    1)The trend of auto parts outsourcing is obvious Automobiles are generally composed of engine systems, transmission systems, steering systems, etc. Each system is composed of multiple parts. There are many types of parts involved in the assembly of a complete vehicle, and the specifications an...
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  • Share different 5 styles of the best oil catch cans

    Oil catch cans are devices inserted between the crankcase ventilation system breather valve and the intake manifold port. These devices do not come as standard in new cars but it is definitely a modification worth making to your vehicle. Oil catch cans work by filtering out oil, debris, and other...
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  • History of PTFE

    History of PTFE

    The history of POLYTETRAFLUOROETHYLENE began on April 6, 1938 at Du Pont’s Jackson Laboratory in New Jersey. On that fortunate day, Dr. Roy J. Plunkett, who was working with gases related to FREON refrigerants, discovered that one sample had polymerised spontaneously to a white, waxy solid....
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  • How to choose Oil Cooler Kit?

    How to choose Oil Cooler Kit?

    the oil cooler kit including two part ,the oil cooler and the hose. Pls measure before purchase to make there is enough space for installation the oil cooler, is the space is too narrow ,you should choose an small and lightweight oil cooler. The oil cooler can lower the oil temperature ,which hel...
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  • How to distinguish PU hose and Nylon hose?

    How to distinguish PU hose and Nylon hose?

    The raw material of nylon tube is polyamide (commonly known as nylon). Nylon tube has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, etc. It is widely used in automobile oil transmission system, brake system and pneumatic ...
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  • Jack Pad For Tesla Model 3 Model S Model X Y

    Jack Pad For Tesla Model 3 Model S Model X Y

    How to choose Jack Pad For Tesla? Safely Raising Vehicle – Made of durable, anti-damage NBR rubber to prevent car battery or chassis from damage. Pressure-bearing force 1000kg. Model-SPECIFIC ADAPTERS for Tesla Models 3 and Model Y. Our specifically designed jack adapters will click into jack po...
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